Today people of the world are poisoned by chemicals, radiation, drugs, heavy metals, modern life style and lastly but very 
important chemicallisation of food.

In this situation, I think if you improve mode of living and maintain five vital neccessity of life - Air, Food, Water, 6-7 Hours sleep
and Exercise, I guarantee you that you never fall ill and keep the doctor away
To Become More Happy Avoid "THE RAT RACE"
Dr Manish Patel


About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine. It was discovered by a German physician Dr Samuel Christian Frederick Hahnemann. He was born on 10th April 1755, meissen, a small town, in the state of Saxony, in Germany. The word “Homoeopathy” has came from the Greek words, “homoeos” which means similar or like and “pathos” which means “suffering”. It was discovered in 1790 and it was declared to the world in 1796. Its fundamental principle is “similia similibus curantur”, it is called law of similar, which means like is cured by like. Also homoeopathy is a very reliable and safe system of medicine, as it is based on fixed and easily comprehensible principles. Also it is based on nature’s law of cure.


Homoeopathy is internationally recognized as an alternative and complementary therapy. Homoeopathy medicine treats acute as well as chronic diseases, and it gives you permanent cure. It treats an individual means patient as a whole, not the disease.


Simply, it brings an individual to a greater level of HEALTH. Homoeopathy medicine is safe, effective, easy to take and sweet in taste.

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